The report covers the Authority's key achievements and provides detailed reports on its financial and non-financial performance.

The report is tabled in Parliament and published in accordance with the Crown Entities Act 2004.

Our Annual Report for the 2018/19 financial year

  • We updated the distribution pricing principles, with the aim to help distributors adjust to new technological realities.
  • We developed short campaigns to target harder-to-reach consumers to check for potential savings using What’s My Number.
  • We held a stakeholder event and released the Authority’s commentary on the wholesale electricity market.
  • We welcomed James Stevenson-Wallace as Chief Executive in September 2019.
  • We reviewed distributor and metering equipment provider switching processes.
  • We consulted on quick wins for increasing access to electricity services.
  • We completed the review of the arrangements for official conservation campaigns, as part of our work to manage security of supply.
  • We published our decision to amend the Code to implement real-time pricing in the wholesale spot market.
  • We released three animations to help a broader audience understand key areas of the electricity industry.
  • We made improvements to the Electricity Market Information (EMI) website, opening up opportunities to enhance the range of insights we deliver.
  • We implemented changes to offer arrangements for wind generators, which will help promote investment in more efficient forms of generating plants.  

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