Will switching affect the reliability of my electricity?

Your choice of electricity retailer makes no difference to the reliability of your electricity supply.

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The reliability of your electricity supply depends on the performance of your local distribution company and Transpower (who operate the national electricity grid). So, no matter which electricity retailer you choose the reliability of your supply will be the same.

New Zealand has a reliable electricity network compared to international standards. In 2014 we were ranked the 5th most secure electricity market in the International Index of Energy Security Risk.

If you switch electricity retailers there will be no disruption to your electricity supply. The new retailer will take care of all the transfer arrangements.

What does the Electricity Authority do?

The Authority has put in place a wide range of measures to ensure a reliable electricity supply in the event of a ‘dry year’, which would mean the hydro lakes are running low.

We developed the contracting principles and minimum terms for retail contracts and monitor alignment levels.