Evolving technologies and business models

This programme covers initiatives to reduce inefficient barriers to development and use of evolving technologies and business models across the supply chain.

Current projects

  • Participation of new generating technologies in the wholesale market

    We intend to investigate and address any barriers in the Code

    Latest Activity: 30 Jun 2020 Development

  • Additional consumer choice of electricity services (ACCES)

    Evolving technologies and new business models will lead to more participation in the electricity industry, which will promote competition and choice, and deliver significant reliability benefits to consumers.

    Latest Activity: 28 Feb 2020 Phased release of changes to make it easier for consumers to share their consumption data

  • Open Networks

    Identifying ways for the uptake of new technology on distribution networks

    Latest Activity: 4 Feb 2020 Open Networks - Standards Forum - 19 March 2020

  • Demand response

    The Authority has updated its demand response principles for the New Zealand electricity sector

    Latest Activity: 29 Jun 2018 Demand response principles - 2018 update

  • Enabling Mass Participation

    Latest Activity: 7 Nov 2017 Decision paper on enabling mass participation and next steps

  • Equal Access

    This project seeks to determine if there are any barriers to equal access to the electricity networks. If barriers are identified this project will also consider options to reduce these barriers.

    Latest Activity: 6 Nov 2017 Background

  • Data and data exchanges for market transactions

    Latest Activity: 26 Sep – 7 Nov 2017 Data and data exchanges for market transactions