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Retailers obligations are set out in the Code, and include a requirement to compensate customers in the event of an official conservation campaign. 

Customer Compensation Scheme 

The Authority has also published  range of voluntary guidelines including:

Several other documents that will assist existing and prospective retailers to understand their obligations are provided in this section. 

Acronyms and terms used in the retail market:

Acronyms and terms

Voluntary good contracting principles and minimum terms and conditions for domestic contracts 

Retailers' contracts with domestic consumers can follow our contracting principles and minimum terms. These include:

  • meaningful choice, such as offering a range of pricing plans, products and services for consumers to consider and make informed decisions
  • connections and disconnections, and contract termination
  • the actual supply of electricity and related services, such as metering
  • contractual terms and conditions, such as being fair and reasonable
  • costs, for instance unexpected and unfair costs, should not be imposed on consumers
  • billing and payment should be timely and accurate
  • access to property
  • access to remedies in the case of complaints.

The EMI website - short for electricity market information - has a wide range of information and data we collect as part of our industry and market monitoring. For example retailer market share, monthly switching reports, and wholesale final pricing as well as much more.

EMI website

Guidelines for communications about price changes

 In April 2015 the Authority introduced guidance for retailers and distributors on their communications to consumers and the media concerning price changes in order to improve the transparency of consumers’ electricity charges. While the guidelines are voluntary, the Authority encourages retailers to apply them. The Authority will be monitoring the uptake of the guidelines, and a more prescriptive approach will be considered If the Authority continues to have concerns about the nature of industry communications about price changes. 

Voluntary Practice Benchmark for Electricity Retailer Credit Management

Retailers have developed a voluntary benchmark to improve outcomes for vulnerable electricity consumers.

A copy of the benchmark, together with a letter from retailers to the Minister of Energy and Resources dated 1 August 2014, has been published on this website to assist consumers and the industry.

Note that the original benchmark has been amended slightly, following an operational review in early 2015.  These amendments have been tracked in the document below.

This is an industry-led initiative, which the Authority has not been involved in. For further information about this initiative, please email Bill Heaps at

Guidelines on non-half hour meter read frequency

Clauses 8 and 9 of Schedule 15.2 of the Code require retailers to provide us with the percentage of meter readings by network service point (NSP). These guidelines provide information on the way in which the information should be provided.

Retailer: General

Guidelines, information papers, reminders, and general memos relating to distributors.

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